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Self-portrait of Joaquín Peinado

Through Fundación Unicaja Ronda, Unicaja’s mission and determination have culminated in the accomplishment of a remarkable project, characterized by the simultaneity of two valuable events: on one hand, the museum, which is placed in Ronda, Joaquín Peinado’s home town, has been dedicated to his memory and work, and on the other hand, the remodelling and restoration of the noble Moctezuma Palace has been made possible.

The two storey exhibition space is organized thematically, except for the Mudejar room, which, due to its nobility, accommodates works of art of special historical and artistic value.

The combination of oil paintings and drawings lend an air of lightness to both rooms and themes and a sense of great coherence to the author’s work, since some of the drawings are true research projects, while others are preliminary works of well known
Peinado’s paintings, some of which are held in the Museum.

On 30 October 2012 opened the exhibition Picasso, ceramics and Engraver that under "Guest Artist" can see a sample of 49 works by the famous Malaga artist Pablo Picasso, including a representative selection of the famous Suite Vollard. These works become part of the permanent collection of the Joaquín Peinado Unicaja Museum.


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